About Peter Cox

Peter Cox

I have had a lifelong love of imagery, particularly photography. I have been fascinated by the possibilities of imagemaking from the time I first held a camera as a child.

My enthusiasm for photography had increased steadily over many years, including ten years spent in America becoming expert in the field of computer systems. But my heart remained with photography. I experimented constantly and read voraciously. I was introduced to the works of master photographers such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston; they opened my eyes to the possibilities of photography as art.

Over time, my mastery of the technical aspects of photography matured. I applied myself more closely to the artistic elements of composition, light, colour and tone, the essential components of any great image. It is a study that I find intensely rewarding.

My wife, Ann, and I made the decision to move back to Dublin where I threw myself into the business of making and selling my fine art prints. I have recently moved to rural West Cork, and am busy making new images, as well as conducting my photographic workshops.

As Ireland is my home, it is my primary focus. I have many images from Dublin, Cork, Connemara and elsewhere. I also have many beautiful images from Scotland, Iceland and America. Please contact me if you don’t see an image from your favourite location. My portfolio is continuously growing, and your favourite haunt may well be my next destination.

About the Prints

Please see the About the Prints page for details.

Qualifications and Awards

I have received a Fellowship from the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association (IPPA) and a Qualified European Photographer award from the Federation of European Photographers.

On top of that, I was named ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year’ in both the single image and portfolio categories at the National Photographic Awards in 2007. I have also placed highly in several international competitions.


Please note that I retain copyright for all of my photographs, and all rights are reserved. They must not be used for any purpose without my written permission. If you’re interested in using one of my images, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

I welcome licensing requests for commercial use.

Privacy Policy

There’s always that element of concern when someone on a website asks for your personal details. You wonder if the data will be kept safe, or if you’ll find yourself getting email from all and sundry offering you services that the Roman Empire at its most decadent would blush at.

I’ve been working with the Internet for going on 14 years, and if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s spam. So, that being said – here’s my statement on privacy:

Any information given to me by you will not be shared, sold, or otherwise given to any third party.

If you sign up to the mailing list, you will receive e-mails at most once a month. (More likely it will be once every two months, or even less). Your e-mail address will be stored in a secure database and not used for any other purpose.

If you purchase a photograph from me, I’ll need your name, address and phone number. I need this information to send the print to you, and to contact you should there be any problem with the order.

I do not store credit card details – this is processed by Shopify, the leading online shopping service. Shopify processes the order and notifies me when payment has been made.

If you have any questions about this, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through the contact page.